28 November 2010

Eternal Tedium

Most major religions cite an eternity in heaven as a reward for the customer that has invested in the currency of faith.

These offers appeal to raw human greed. But surely, the religiously devout and humble should expect nothing for acting morally?

Such promises clearly sound too good to be true, but the benefits soon evaporate on closer inspection.
Quite simply, given infinite time, everything is going to eventually get boring. Never-ending insanely tedious and suicide-inducing repetition.

You'd soon learn everything there was to know, unless new knowledge was created to occupy us all the time ad infinitum. But what would be the point in learning anything anyway in that environment other than to sit about in wondrous contemplation of eternal truths all day? That fascination might just wane after the first 99 billion years.

Perhaps our sense of the passage of time or feelings of boredom will be removed, reducing us to immortal goldfish swimming round in a celestial bowl.

So why desire or offer such a destination? It sounds rubbish.

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