7 December 2010

God For A Day

Examine god's performance yesterday and compare it with what you could do today, given god's power for the next 24 hours.

Think about it.

Any one of us can think of vast improvements. Even young children will suggest eliminating various miseries if asked how to make the world better.

I'd snap my finger, erasing cancer, childhood genetic illnesses and all the fault lines in the Earth's crust that cause earthquakes that kill millions. Viruses, cancer, ageing and death are all stupid ideas and would have to go.

I would also appear to the people, have fun with them and make them happy, removing all doubts and fears about my existence.

As for the whole heavenly plan thing, what's the point of that? Is it like an Earth Version 2.0 ? Why not install that upgrade right away, rather than dangle it like some intergalactic carrot for your faithful minions.

God must be incredibly lazy. It appears that he not only rested on the 7th day, but he's never actually woken up since

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