27 November 2010

God Visits The Therapist

Shrink: 'So, God, what is troubling you?'

God: 'I'm feeling a bit insecure at the moment.'

Shrink: 'Is that because people are turning away from you?'

God nodded sullenly.

God: '..and because they started loving that new Allah guy.'

Shrink: 'I see, so you are dealing with intense feelings of jealousy too.'

God: 'My confidence had really been shaken. And I was trying really hard this time?'

Shrink: 'This time?'

God: 'Well, you know..the earlier cock-ups..the talking snake blunder, the whole flood overreaction and then the worse one...'

Shrink: 'Go on...'

God: 'I feel terribly guilty for letting them nail my son to a cross.'

Shrink: 'Hmm, you have several complex issues here.'

God: 'What do you suggest?'

Shrink: 'You'd better start praying, you're screwed.'

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