30 December 2010

God's Miniscule Sacrifice

Priests and holy books love to drone on about how the son of god really suffered on the cross, in order to forgive us our sins. That must have been really tough for a being of unlimited power, knowing full well he was going to pop back to life anyway.  Truly a minuscule sacrifice.

Not that I asked or even wanted him to perform such a party trick, as I would have been quite happy to leave my sins as they were, thank you very much.

It's patently absurd to need your own created people to crucify part of yourself in order for us all to have our sins pardoned.  I don't know what they are smoking up there.

Talking about sacrifices, why does god enjoy animal sacrifices? Earlier chapters note how he was pleased with the smell of burning animal flesh, as well as very detailed methods for how to slice animals up for such offerings.

He seemed to have got bored of that in later years, thankfully, or modern religious nuts would be offering up poodles and hamsters for the almighty to snack on.

"But that was olden times," laughs the modern ignoramus believer.
Oh well, that's ok then. I suppose he is still full, after his old testament all-you-can-eat buffet.

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