23 January 2011

Carrot Proves God Exists

Small wonder that religious scholars (smirk)  have achieved little by debating tiny details of scripture for centuries, since they can interpret it any way they choose.

The  'hidden' meanings are limitless, as is the human imagination, which isn't a coincidence.

You'd think an all-powerful god would be capable of making his book crystal clear, wouldn't you?

Let's try a simple example, to see just how easy it is to produce nonsense when you are dealing with the land of make-believe.  How about something completely non-religious,  the phrase "This is a carrot" ?

  1. This is a carrot
  2. A carrot is a vegetable
  3. Vegetables are living things
  4. Living things are complex
  5. Complex things can't have evolved by themselves
  6. Complex things must therefore have been created
  7. Scripture says god is the creator
  8. Therefore god is lord
Reductio ad totally absurdum as they say.
There again, I suppose holy scripture is basically a carrot on a stick, enticing any hungry dumb ass to follow it.

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