17 January 2011

Garbage In Garbage Out

This old computer adage simply means that if you feed a computer nonsense it will produce nonsense in return.

This principle seems apply to religious people too.  If they read enough of their nonsensical books, they cannot resist splurging rubbish out all over the place.

In evidence, we need look no further than the 'infallible' Pope Benedict, who recently concluded:

"Some scientific theories are mind-limiting as they only arrive at a certain point and do not manage to explain the ultimate sense of reality."

Granted, he is perfectly qualified to talk about limited minds, but suggesting that religion does "explain the ultimate sense of reality" is startlingly hypocritical even for this dunce. It's very currency is fantasy, the clown.

Being open-minded is fine, but not when your mind is so open that all the sense falls out of it.

Scientific theories have given us too many discoveries to list.
As a direct result of these 'mind-limitting theories of science' all of our lives have been improved, millions saved from disease, given transport, new sources of energy and so many raised from hardship.

Now let us compare this to a list of mind-opening(smirk) theories of religion:

"God made everything. Believe this or go to hell."

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