18 January 2011

God Down The Toilet?

Whilst on a recent New Year's visit to a shrine here in Japan, I wasn't at all surprised to see a whole host of lucky charms on offer.

What I wasn't expecting was one belonging to The Toilet God.  I kid you not.

I've always maintained religion is about a load of crap, now here was the evidence.

Apparently, once upon a time, there was a meeting in heaven of seven gods, charged with protecting peoples' homes. Of them all, only one, a particularly fair goddess, humbly volunteered herself for the rather unappealing position as guardian of the lavatory.  It is said that she grants beauty and fertility to those that kept her special room clean.

Oddly enough, it has recently featured in a movie, the story of a girl's memories of her recently departed grandmother, which includes her old tales of this goddess.

It certainly gives a whole new image to a god sitting on the throne in heaven, and I don't want to even think about the contents of the collecting bowl in this religion.

One is tempted to wonder if this god's holy scriptures are to reproduced faithfully on the only paper normally available in such places...

From a purely heretical standpoint, I would have no qualms about investing in scriptures from the Bible or Koran, if they started printing those on toilet paper.

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