15 February 2011

Blissful Ignorance

Consider a country in which nobody had ever heard of a particular religion.
As far as they were concerned it didn't exist, until someone told them about it...

Before that 'happy' event there there no wars over it, no brain-washing by it no segregation enforced by it.
Sounds blissful doesn't it?

Let's look at the dilemma of missionary preacher Mr. Frederick Arse, in a far away land, trying to convert some local villagers.

Friendly Villager "What about our people that already died without hearing about god? Will they go to hell?"

Frederick Arse "No! God doesn't punish those who had no chance to hear His Word !"

Angry Villager "So, why did you tell us about it then? Now you might have damned us!"

Frederick Arse "Um, well, God told me to."

Suspicious Villager "Why couldn't he tell us himself, if it's so important?"

Frederick Arse "Look, he's got other stuff to do, Ok?"

Wise Villager "You told us he was all-powerful."

Frederick Arse "It's God's will and cannot be questioned."

Sometime later...

Frederick Arse in a cooking pot "You can't do this, I am a man of God!"

Hungry mob "So are we, even before you came. And our god Muhahatiti tells us to eat non-believers."

Frederick Arse in hot water "Get me out, see reason!"

Salivating Mob "It's God's will and cannot be questioned."

Unfortunately, we can't wish religion away after it becomes known, just as Frederick Arse found to his peril, but we can damn well try and make people see just how dangerous,stupid  and totally unnecessary it is.

Don't be an Arse.

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