12 February 2011

Megaphones, Megalomaniacs & Mega-Stupidity

The other week I watched a man driving around in a van with huge loudspeakers, informing us at 250 decibels that a mythical ghost from somewhere in the Middle-East had good news for us and that the end of the world was coming, so we had better listen or it will be pissed off.

In any other situation, other than matters of religion, this man would be removed as a public nuisance, at the very least declared unfit to use a vehicle and entered into compulsory therapy to deal with paranoid delusions.

Imagine the very same man instead announcing the coming of a great dragon 'as foretold in ancient times' who demands that everyone must sacrifice their children for its lunch or be burned alive. I doubt public reaction would be the same, yet the two sets of ramblings are equally mad.

Why does religion get special exemption?

If enough people believe one man's insanity does it then qualify as a religion?

Right, I'm just off to buy a megaphone to spread the word about my new religion that teaches us to recognise penguins as the true gods.

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