22 February 2011

Tower Of Utter Babble

The Tower of Babel by Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1563).
The story goes that people wanted to reach heaven, so they built the Tower of Babel.  God was angered, just for a change, because the tower was getting dangerously close to his home patch.

This is, of course, a dead-giveaway about the ignorance of the ancients as to what exactly is above the clouds, a view apparently shared by god. Doh.

Funny also that god has turned a blind eye to the thousands of much taller structures built since. Perhaps he's just winched heaven up a bit.

At some point it occurred to these wise people that since almost everyone had lovingly been exterminated by god's epic flood at some point before, then people should all be speaking the same language, the language of the few survivors....

The bible comes to our rescue by telling us god was so threatened by the cooperation of the tower builders that it was he himself that split man's speech into hundreds of varieties.
That'll teach the bastards to work together when they should be using their time more productively to kill each other and sacrifice pigs.

Now this god says we have to follow his word or be doomed. And he thinks the best way to ensure this is by making sure there are thousands of different languages, only a few of which can read the holy scriptures.

What a bungling buffoon.

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  1. Great post. Kinda makes you wonder how he feels about planes flying through his living room and NASA shuttles flying up through his crapper.