26 June 2011

The Farce Of Faith

We are told to "Have faith in god."

For what possible reason would a god want us to have faith in itself?

Why not just show us a face?  No, images of Mohammed on cheesecake really don't count.

Why hide?

Imagine parents creating a baby, then disappearing after leaving a book for it to read one day, explaining "We love you but you cannot ask to see us, just believe in us. Have faith. Oh, you had better worship us too, or there will be trouble."


An all-powerful god would surely be above the need to be worshipped too. What possible ego trip could a billion praising fools offer to a being that already has unlimited power?
If it really did desire that, the easiest way to make that happen would simply be to appear and reveal the truth.

This holy hide-and-seek is just plain silly.
People have been counting with their eyes shut for 2000 years and still no "Ready! Come find me!"

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