10 July 2011

Since you believe in no god, why bother writing about it?

Atheists bother because we genuinely care about what religion has done and continues to do to our world.

We observe how it affects us, whether that effect be tangible such as suicide bombing, or ideological such as when it tries to change the law to restrict our freedom.

What most atheists find especially despicable, the highest pinnacle on the mountain of religious immorality, is the brainwashing of children. These innocents are indoctrinated in dogma before they are even old enough to consider for themselves what is true and false, what is right and wrong. They are shackled in obedience, ever fearful of divine retribution for their failures. They are blood-soaked from instilled bigotry and hatred, so much so that many will gladly die for the cause.

This is child abuse, impure and simple. And this wretched and most viscous cycle will repeat ad infinitum, unless hopefully, one day, it is finally broken and peace prevails over this madness.

We've had enough of it.

Any doubters need look no further than the fundamentalist christians who actually want the end of the world to come, so they can experience their so-called rapture. Some of these people are now holding significant political positions. How long will before such a deluded believer actually has access to launching all-out nuclear mayhem and self-fulfilling the Armageddon prophecy.

Similarly, Muslims believe they will be actually be blessed for their suicide and martyrdom.
This level of psychosis can justify anything as being righteous and the will of god. This is the blind-eyed face of true madness. This is the lurking darkness in a world that is beginning to emerge into the bright light of reason.

All the major organised religions dream of us living once again under their submission, where heretics can be silenced at a whim, as they still are in some countries today.

Doing nothing hands them the winning card, the permission slip, the green light. Doing nothing is to risk repeating the cycle of stupidity that has held back mankind for centuries.

One thing is certain about tomorrow: several people will be killed because of religion.

That's why we must bother.

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