18 January 2013

Commandments For Dummies

“This meeting is convened. Those present are god and the high council of angels,” announced The Speaker.

“First on the agenda: Making a list of moral rules for a new book for the mortals down on Earth," he continued.

 “Oh! Oh!  I know one!  Killing is bad. Tell them that, “ said Obvious Angel, raising her hand in excitement.

“Well they wouldn’t have got this far if they had gone round killing each other would they? They’d all be dead by now.”

“No work on the holy day!” suggested Dull Angel.

“Are you sure, should we encourage then to be lazy? What if they break this rule?”

“Death!” chorused the delighted angels merrily.

“But didn’t we just say killing was bad?”

Awkward silence.

“I got one, “ said Trivial Angel “No more graven images of false gods!”

“Ahem, just how did the mortals learn about false gods?” inquired The Speaker.

“They just made them up, because they never actually saw a real god.”

“They made them up?!!  They believe in something they’ve never seen! Preposterous!” said Gullible Angel

God yawned, “Yes, yes, all very interesting, but you are missing the important rules”.

“Do tell?”

“No gays and no eating pork,” declared god.

“At last, someone talking sense.” stated The Speaker.

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