12 June 2013

Killed By Kindness

After centuries of religious control and violence, most Europeans now thankfully live in the real world.
We believe that tolerance and welcoming others with open arms is admirable, and essential to being part of humanity.

But therein lies a horrible flaw: accepting something has no bearing on whether it is compelled to accept you in return.

We've made a mistake in applying that good intention in welcoming islam to our lands and in sacrificing our own values for the sake of tolerance towards the intolerant. 
We just sit back and watch, paralysed by the threat of violence, as it multiplies and speeds to a point where sheer numbers alone will gain it control.

Every single day for years now, the news has at least one report of violence committed in the name of islam. I am sick of the predictability.

Yet the apologists still maintain its a few 'extremists'. Every single day, a few more 'extremists' commit some attrocity. Not such a small minority is it? How can it be?

It's obvious, really, that these 'extremists' are not really extremists at all; they are just the ones that following the rules of islam more precisely. There are millions of those. And they want you dead and are assured a place in heaven if they succeed ― a win-win situation as far as they are concerned.

It is no surprise why islam must be this way. It was born out of war, violence and absolute control. 

Slowly and surely the parasite is eating its hosts from the inside, eroding anything that causes offence. And everything causes offence. And it lashes out the only way it knows how ― with violence.

There is no security force that could protect us every minute from the threat. There is nothing stopping them killing anyone ― it takes seconds to kill someone. 

We spend billions on this and have to be under constant surveillance. We've lost our freedom twice over: once from islam and once from our own protective forces. Just because we have this strange compulsion to allow this menace to live with us.

You can continue to show compassion to this religion. You can go on convincing yourself its just some extreme minority that makes all the problems. Trouble is that might eventually kill you, your children, a friend or a neighbour. 

It should be returned to whence it came. If that makes you feel bad, then that proves you are a caring human. I am not suggesting violence, I am suggesting its removal much like the removal of a cancer ― necessary and a matter of the host's life or death.

In the meantime, I will watch the news tomorrow and see the same farce played out over and over again. Same excuses. Same bodies.

Addition: since writing this, the Boston bombings and the brutal massacre of a man just walking along a London street both occurred. 

Addition: Prime Minister Cameron just announced a list of measures to tackle 'extremists'. We never learn.

2016 Addition: Since writing this article a couple of years ago, we have seen ISIS, terrorist attacks in France and Germany, and multiple rapes & assaults throughout Europe. Yet the media still reports it is a 'radicalised' minority: they have their own country for crying out loud, and very few "non-radicalised' speak against it for fear of death. There is only one flavour of islam, with one aim. Read the Koran yourself if you will not believe what people say online. 

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