Mumbo Jumbo

Homeopathy -  A Drop In The Ocean

For those that don't know about this insanity, homeopathic medicine is claimed to work in the same way as a vaccine.

i.e. A tiny amount of a disease-causing substance is put into the body, not enough to actually cause the disease, but enough to stimulate the body's natural defenses into fighting it off.

The keyword here is tiny.

They mix the substance in question with water, a lot of water. And dilute it over and over with even more water. A normal strength is equivalent to one drop in all the oceans of the world. Perfectly sensible. It's so small,  it is no longer measurable.

Yes, that's right, homeopathic 'medicine' bottles contain just water.

Finding a needle in a haystack is a breeze compared to this, you have more chance of finding a haystack in a needle.

And here in the UK, the National Health Service actually provides this quackery at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of between 4 and 10 million pounds.

These publically funded witchdoctors dispense magical bottles of water that have shown no benefits, other than for patients that believe they provide a benefit. This placebo effect of fake medcine is of course well known. Telling them that this bottle contains a certain medicine is a total lie anyway, so why not go the whole hog and just give them tap water.
But what of the dangers of making patients believe all is well and good!?

How can such lunacy exist in a modern age, in an organisation based on scientific principles?
It's nothing short of scandalous.

The British Medical Association said, "It is nonsense and should be banned from use in Britain’s National Health Service"
No shit.

It's bloody pathetic and in my opinion, these retarded nincompoops should be taken out and dropped in a vat of boiling oil.  Undiluted of course.

What next? Is my doctor going to prescribe me healing crystals or tell me to start dancing naked under a tree wearing nothing but a feather headdress?

The Zodiac - Signs of Stupidity

I don't need to be an astrologer to predict that if you open up any newspaper you will find some greedy fraud telling you your future.

The zodiac was of course formed by noticing how the sun, moon and planets moved in the sky, passing over groups of stars that ancient peoples had made into giant dot-to-dot pictures.

So, at a certain time of the year the sun should always be 'in' Taurus.
However, since the Earth is moving slightly differently now compared to how it did centuries ago, the position of each constellation has shifted. Whatever star sign you think you are, you are surely not.

That means all the astrology fools with their silly success stories are all wrong, since they followed the wrong horoscope.  That should be final damnation of this nonsense right there.
It shows how selectively ignoring things that don't fit your horoscope and only focusing on the vague ones, any prediction can seem true.

How ludicrous it is that people supposedly take on the characteristics of animals made from these patterns in the sky, such as the bullheadedness of Taureans. It's not like the stars in a particular constellation have any relation to each other. They only line up that way when viewed from Earth. One star might be a thousand billion kilometres directly away from us, another 100 times further.
Those star patterns could have been linked up in any number of ways.

What if ancient man had decided the constellations resembled a badger or a hippopotamus? You'd then find this kind of prediction in papers:

"Today you must call upon all your Badger powers, as you need to dig about and get your snout into matters you might normally avoid. Keep away from any Hippopotami as they will have a negative influence on any diet plans you might have. Your ideal partner this month is a Prawn."

Why Do Ghosts Wear Socks?

150 years of photography and the pictures of supposed phantoms are the same tired old rubbish.

Fakes, errors, blurs, smudges and overexposures.

 Add to that the televised charlatans claiming to be ghost hunters, equipped with silly nonsensical gadgets.

"Ok let's switch on the Multi-Microwave-Magnetron."
"Oh, I forgot to bring it boss."
"Give me a spoon then."

Have ghosts got nothing better to do than occassionally bang radiators, make woo-woo noises or stand behind people waiting to be photographed.

And why is it almost always at night?  Are they nocturnal , or do they have day-jobs in the spirit realm?

Where are all the spirits of cavemen and tribesmen, both of whom have been here thousands of times longer than these modern ghosts?
At that rate there should be a spectre around every corner, lurking in every pot, creaking up and down stairways in droves.

And why are they 'seen' with clothes on? What possible sense is there in the deceased's clothes entering the spirit world. Have socks and hats got souls too?

If any ghost was ever shown to be real, then all of modern science would be turned on its head.
What's more likely to be true, that all of science has been totally misunderstood or Mrs. Dorothy Gullible's firm belief that a spook called Eric lives in her attic and talks to her by dancing on the floorboards.

This drivel has haunted us long enough.