Why Atheism?

Since you believe in no god, why bother writing about it?

Atheists bother because we genuinely care about what religion has done and continues to do to our world.

We observe how it affects us, whether that effect be tangible such as suicide bombing, or ideological such as when it tries to change the law to restrict our freedom.

What most atheists find especially despicable, the highest pinnacle on the mountain of religious immorality, is the brainwashing of children. These innocents are indoctrinated in dogma before they are even old enough to consider for themselves what is true and false, what is right and wrong. They are shackled in obedience, ever fearful of divine retribution for their failures. They are blood-soaked from instilled bigotry and hatred, so much so that many will gladly die for the cause.

This is child abuse, impure and simple. And this wretched and most viscious cycle will repeat ad infinitum, unless hopefully, one day, it is finally broken and peace prevails over this madness.

We've had enough of it.

Any doubters need look no further than the fundamentalist christians who actually want the end of the world to come, so they can experience their so-called rapture. Some of these people are now holding significant political positions. How long will before such a deluded believer actually has access to launching all-out nuclear mayhem and self-fulfilling the Armageddon prophecy.

Similarly, Muslims believe they will be actually be blessed for their suicide and martyrdom.
This level of psychosis can justify anything as being righteous and the will of god. This is the blind-eyed face of true madness. This is the lurking darkness in a world that is beginning to emerge into the bright light of reason.

All the major organised religions dream of us living once again under their submission, where heretics can be silenced at a whim, as they still are in some countries today.

Doing nothing hands them the winning card, the permission slip, the green light. Doing nothing is to risk repeating the cycle of stupidity that has held back mankind for centuries.

One thing is certain about tomorrow: several people will be killed because of religion.

That's why we must bother.

What do you atheists think you can do to change things?

 Atheists are usually rationally-minded people who understand the best way to eliminate this violent nonsense from the world is by education.
Knowledge is the only weapon required.  It is reason that will eventually send religion scampering back to where it came from: the stone age.

But, as always, religion is still is the biggest threat to world peace and freethinkers should never be complacent about this ancient virus of the mind.

The internet must surely be helping to open peoples' minds to the truth of the world, to nature, to science, to the comparison of other religions and how they all preach the same rubbish. 
The floodgates of information cannot be shut now.

But atheism is just another belief system, isn't it?

Atheism does not have any specific rules or beliefs about anything.
Some atheists believe in all manner of things, but none believe in any supernatural god.

I don't believe there is a blue fairy sitting on my head. You probably don't either.
I just also don't believe there is a man in they sky watching over us.
The evidence for both the man and the blue fairy is equal.

Atheism doesn't have any moral guidelines, so how can you be a good person?

Nonsense. All the good rules found in religious books are completely obvious and became necessary as society evolved.

Do you really need a book to tell you that murder is wrong? If you do, then it is you that has the moral capacity of a tapeworm.

Critically, do religious people seriously admit that without god to watch them they would go out raping, murdering and pillaging immediately? Is the main reason for religious people doing good deeds to please god and reserve their space in heaven? If so, they need to seriously question their moral compass.

When human beings carry out good acts, it should be done naturally, to promote cooperation and peace between each other. This is normal and people did it long before any of today's absurd religions existed. It's not because they feel they should because god is watching.

The list of absurd rules in the holy books, supposedly god-given, are from our dark past.
What is surely a clue to the very mortal nature of the holy books' authors, is the way they totally fail to condemn acts such a slavery and rape which were considered 'not that bad' when they were written. Read how they dwell on matters such as the killing of homosexuals and the restrictions on eating certain kinds of meat.

As for the scientific and factual information contained within them, any bible-aged ignoramus would have known those things. Muslim 'scholars' are quick to point to the Koran's source of scientific wisdom, but any fool can see how its pathetic vagueness can be interpreted however you wish.

It isn't even necessary to dwell on the immoralities in the holy books, as entire books have covered that in great detail and to dispute those only confirms one's lack of ability to reason, or read.

Besides, the facts speak for themselves. Where you find atheism, you find low crime rates. Where you find deeply religious countries you find violence and atrocities.

But religions do lots of good work, why would you want to stop that?

Religions do no more good work than non-religious organisations do.
Charity work is not the sole provenance of the church.
Consider the millions of lives that have been saved with medicine. Prayer has saved none.

It is certainly true that religion brings some people hope. But it is false hope, so how is that a good thing?

Religion is still infecting developing countries and its destruction can be seen unfolding before our eyes on a daily basis in the news. Ongoing atrocities in Africa, such as witch burning and stoning, illustrate how religion keeps people firmly in the dark ages. Disgusting.

The recent announcement by the Arch-Fool Pope condemning the use of contraception by Catholics in Africa, a continent riddled by AIDS, was an act of monumental idiocy. Recent scandals of child abuse on a massive international scale should have shamed the church, yet all they arrogantly offer are the most paltry of apologies. Incredibly, the religious still contend that the church is a force for good. Blind faith indeed.

But it's just fanatics that do bad stuff, not normal religious people?

Of course there are millions of well meaning and moderately religious people in the world.
In historical times religion also inspired great works of art and architecture, but so did non-religious events and cultures.

Such modern moderate believers just follow a watered down cherry-picked version of their holy book. They gladly follow the parts that seem agreeable and conveniently gloss over the nasty points.
Whilst this may seem noble, at least in their eyes, it is hypocritical. You either accept the whole religion or you don't. After all, it is all supposedly the word of god, it's not for mortals to pick and choose what parts they fancy.

It is within this vagueness that a hidden menace lies in wait. Once the true meanings of these books is understood, chaos will follow.
The bible instructs us to kill gay people and disobedient children, and to never eat shellfish. Yet these moderates do not obey such rules, but are quite happy to quote other rules when it suits them.

The Koran says to kill Jews and any people that leave Islam, yet it's conveniently swept under a blood-spattered rug when muslims are questioned about their so called 'religion of peace.'

When muslim extremists carry out violence, apologetic muslims claim those people are a non-representative minority. Yes, they are the ones that followed the book's teachings extremely closely. They are doing god's bidding. You worship the same god that is instructing them what to do.

Why do you atheists hate god and religious people?

Atheists dont believe in god, so that question is meaningless. Do religious people hate the blue fairy that flies around my head?

We see religious people as brainwashed people unable to think for themselves, to be pitied. In the extreme, they are downright dangerous.

What many atheists hate is the religious organisations that carry out brainwashing of kids, encourage hatred and bigotry and oppression of women. What sane person wouldn't hate that?

You atheists worship science, that's just another kind of faith isn't it?

No, it is not.
Science is open to question, testing and scrutiny, leading to it being refined over time, so it becomes stronger.

Conversely, religious doctrine is unquestionable, immutable, even when it has been shown to be more and more ludicrous over time, its tenets of mumbo jumbo having been stripped away to reveal the weakness within.

Science dissects religion like a surgeon removing cancer and the religious hate and fear it. They don't want the cure, as they believed they have already found it.

Yet observe how the religious hypocrites are happy to use technology made from scientific research when it benefits them, yet attack it when they see fit.
If they need surgery for a life-threatening condition, shouldn't they just pray to god for healing?
Why bother going to a hospital?
Isn't your god or your faith strong enough?

Atheists must be miserable because they cannot experience the wonder of god's creation!
Are religious people living in subservience to god and the church any happier?
Atheists are simply a cross-section of society, which includes all kinds of people and personalities.

True wonder in the world comes with an understanding of its simplicity and complexity. It is open to all, especially as we now live in a time where there are more scientists alive than the total of all those that have gone before. Fresh discoveries are awaiting us at an exponential rate.

Believing everything was made by a god reduces our accomplishments to nothing and declaring such achieves even less. In the meantime, 'god-made' nature continues its endless cycles of hardship and violence, beauty, and hope.

Thousands have de-converted from religion and found life more satisfying. That is to say, they have returned to the godless state in which they were born.

Why don't you atheists just leave us to worship whatever we want?

We do. When has it ever been otherwise? Religious persecution is almost always between different religions, not between believers and atheists.
(And before someone produces the example of Hitler and the Jews, it is clear from his writings that he believed he was doing god's work and stated it in no uncertain terms.)

So, will you return the courtesy by leaving us alone and not trying to force your beliefs and laws on us?
I don't knock on your door telling you how life is wonderful because there is no god.

But you can't stop can you? Because you need to continuously reassure yourself that your god is real. If you are so sure it's real, why keep telling others and trying to change laws and even kill people over it? Keep it to yourself and be happy.
Oh and please don't blow up my bus or fly my plane into buildings if that's not too much to ask.

You atheists wont look so smart when you are burning in hell !

Do you look any smarter, cowering like a spineless worm to some invisible ghost?
And if you've picked the wrong god from the many on offer, god will no doubt have a special treat for you.

Atheists are not trying to be smart, they are just trying not to look like incredulous fools from the stone age.